MK75 Battery Monitor

The MK75 Battery Monitor is a new and much improved battery monitor which has been available since February 2022.

The MK75 Battery Monitor

Compared to the MK70 the major new features are: A custom plastic moulded enclosure, a rear attachment system which allows for easy panel mounting and removal, a larger colour screen and wifi connectivity which allows for both remote monitoring of the main battery monitor parameters as well as Over The Air software updates.

The MK75 also supports lithium as well as lead acid battery types. All types are supported – for lead acid this includes flooded, VRLA, AGM and gel batteries. For lithium this includes LFP (also known as LiFePO4 or Lithium Ferrous Phosphate, or simply Iron), Lipo and Lion batteries.

MK75 Battery Monitor and the included 150 amp shunt.
Side view of the MK75 Battery Monitor showing the panel mounting clips.

Now Available..

The MK75 is available on eBay and Amazon.

The eBay listing is at:

For Amazon the listing is at:

They will soon be listed on the United States and other Amazon warehouses around the world. For now they are only available on the Australian Amazon store.

If you are from overseas please contact us. We can ship these by air worldwide for around USD15.


The feedback on the MK75 has been incredible. In a couple of months this is the feedback that has been received on eBay (click for larger image):

There are two videos about the MK75..