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FAQ: Display Activation


Hello. I have finally found time to install my new MK75 monitor – looks good. I have noticed that it seems to require  more than 3 amps being discharged ( haven’t tried charging yet ) in order to activate ( ie wake up ) the monitor. Once it is activated it reads correctly. No big deal however my old MK70 would activate when I turned on one of my fluro lights which only draw 0.82 amps. I have reused the 500 amp shunt from my MK70 and recalibrated my new monitor following your advice. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks , Neil.


On the MK70’s the display would activate when it saw 1 amp or more, no matter the battery size

On the MK75’s it now activates when it sees 1% or more of the batteries capacity either in or out.  On a 100 amp hour system this would be at 1 amp.  On a 50 amp hour system at 0.5 amps and on a 300 amp hour system at 3 amps.

This is currently a fixed percentage in the code, but it is a value which could be changed here if required.

I hope this explains it.