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FAQ: Use of a larger shunt and shunt calibration values

Hi Neil,

The shunt calibrate value to use with the MK70 500 amp shunt is 150.

This is easy to set, just go to menus, settings and then Shunt Calibrate.  Set the value 150 and it’s done.

-Darren Beck

On 15/05/2022 2:19 pm, Neil wrote:

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Will order your latest monitor ( via eBay ) in the next few days. Would appreciate the calibration values. Thanks again.  Neil.

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Subject: Re: Larger Shunt

Hi Neil,

That sounds like a good setup.  I’ve found LiFePo4’s to be much better batteries.

The newer MK75 both supports these types of batteries and can work with larger shunts.  You could definitely use your 500 amp 75 milliVolt shunt that came with your MK70 with the MK75.  All that would need to be changed is the shunt calibration value in the settings to a value that is correct for the larger shunt.

I can give you the shunt calibration value that you need if you want.  They can also be found in the manual.


-Darren Beck

On 14/05/2022 7:53 pm, Neil wrote:

Hello. I have been using a Mkove 70 monitor for a few years now and have been very happy with it. I have upgraded my battery in my camper from 2 x 120 A/H AGM to 320 A/H LiFePo4 and I find that my current monitor becomes “ out of sync “ with my Lithium setup so would like to change to your latest monitor. My question is  can you supply  a  shunt  larger than 150 amps  and calibrate the monitor for me as my lithium battery can sustain a 200 amp discharge. Thanks , Neil.

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