MK75 Firmware

Firmware Version 117 Released

Firmware version 117 has been released on September 19 2022.

Firmware version 116 didn’t quite make it, so this is the next firmware version after version 115.

This is a fairly major update to the firmware. It includes..

Network Code Updates

The MK75 now keeps better track of it’s network status and will attempt to reconnect if it becomes disconnected.

It also indicates this on the main screen with a green wifi symbol / icon if it is connected and a gray symbol if it is not connected.

When in Access Point mode it will always show a green icon indicating that the network is available.

When in station mode it will show a green icon while ever it is connected to the target network. If it becomes disconnected, for example if the network goes down or the battery monitor is taken away from the network, it will try to reconnect to the network every 60 seconds.

As before, when the device starts up in Station mode it will attempt to connect to the target network, it will try a number of times but if it is unable to connect then it will revert to Access Point mode.

Please see the MK75 manual (on this site) for full details of the network operation.

Better Touch Sensor operation

Previously the settings for the off (or not being touched) state of the touch sensors was read and set at startup. Although rare, this could cause problems if for example the sensors were being touched during startup or if the environmental conditions change substantially.

In the current version the off state of the touch sensors is continually read and averaged back into itself so that it can adjust gradually if the conditions change.

Please see the MK75 manual (on this site) for details about how to update the firmware.  Primarily it requires the device to be connected in Station mode so that it can access the firmware update files on the internet.