Battery Information MK75 Firmware

Firmware Version 118 Released

Firmware version 118 has been released.

This version mainly includes a fix for the charge efficiency calculations.

Charge Efficiency is a measure of how much charge it takes to recharge a battery. For example if 100 amp hours is discharged from a battery and it requires 102 amp hours to fully recharge it then the charge efficiency is around 98 percent.

Default values are used for each battery type on a new installation but these are not exact and depend on the condition and age of the battery. When the charge efficiency is calculated after each cycle a small amount of this value is applied back into the overall charge efficiency to make future calculations and the display of data more accurate.

By the way a cycle is defined as follows: The battery must go from full and back to full again. In doing this the state of charge must go below 80 percent at some time to count as a cycle. Using the ‘Set Full’ option from the settings does not count, the battery monitor must have detected the full state at the start of the cycle.